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pascaline Lefin

Pascaline is a photographer fascinated by scenography and fashion design, but above all by the soul of her subjects, which she reveals with sweetness and delicacy. Her unique style plunges us into a dreamlike world where fairytales and princesses share their dreams with surprising companions: dogs, foxes, rabbits and horses lend their ear and keep forever the secrets of their mistresses. Animal photographer, especially dogs and horses, is Pascaline's second favorite subject. In her portfolio, you will find sometimes spectacular, and always touching shots of these life companions.

Pascaline's artistic DNA comes from far away: her grandfather, a glass-blower and trompe-l'œil house painter, was during the Second World War "forger" for the good cause. He reproduced paintings of Jewish proprietors hounded by the Gestapo: when they arrived, they seized false, real paintings are gone and hidden well under cover. His father was also a talented amateur photographer, so Pascaline naturally went to Fine Arts and photography.

A Belgian based in Switzerland, Pascaline has traveled extensively and lent her talents to international advertising agencies in Paris, Brussels and Geneva. She was also trained in oriental interior design by Jacqueline Foissac, Yves Saint- Laurent's interior designer in Marrakech..

Today, Pascaline devotes herself entirely to photography, her first love. Her photographs respect the naturalness, spontaneity and originality of the moments she captures.
By working for you, it's your story she'll tell.


2017            Formation Creativelive avec Sal Cincotta

1980 - 1983 BAC in Fine Arts

1983 - 1986 Graduated in graphic design (including

                     photography courses)

1992 - 1992 CAD Brussels (College of Advertising & Design,  

                     master in advertising)

Awards :

Geneva Photo Club Award 2017: nominated

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